Renting the Polish Hall

The Polish Home is owned and operated by the Polish Home Association, a non-profit ethnic organization set up and supported by the Polish American Community in the greater Seattle area.

It is located atop of Capitol Hill, just a short block North of Madison Street. The upstairs hall features about 3,500 sq. ft. of hardwood dance floor, bar, stage, and a set of restrooms. The occupancy of this unit is 250 people. There is an elevator providing easy access. Downstairs contains a smaller hall with stage, bar, kitchen, and another set of restrooms with the occupancy of 150 people.

Both halls are available for rent for weddings, parties, social gatherings, concerts etc.  The prices are $1600 for the upper and $1100 for the lower hall. 

It is possible to rent either hall by the hour, at the price of $100 per hour, for events not exceeding two hours in duration.  There is a mandatory security deposit for the amount of $500.  Kitchen space may also be rented at a price of $150.  There is a concert piano available for rent at a price of $150

Members, who have been members of the Polish Home Association for over 1 year, may receive discount once per year, when the halls are rented for their own usage.

Reservations and presentation of available space is the responsibility of the Facilities Manager, Mrs. Grazyna Olejniczak, tel. 206-322-3020 or

Details of the rental are included in the rental contract.  Payments for rental must be done via a cashier check or a money order.

Also please be considerate of the residential neighborhood and keep in mind the municipal code limits noise in conducting your function both inside the Polish Home and outside while using the adjacent parking lot and the streets.

We at the PHA thank you for choosing our home and wish you a successful event here.


Modified: 12/09/2015